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Now established as a very popular recognised bait, the “Bluey” (Pacific Saury) is very similar to the mackerel; however, the main difference between the two is the fact that a bluey will release a great deal more oil and blood into the water. This obviously is the desired effect as the bigger the scent trails the bigger the chance of fish finding the bait. Blueys are extremely simple to fish with and stay on the hook well with the aid of some elastic. So to summarise, this is great bait with a massive catch range at an extremely competitive price!

The 3 pack of blueys contains 11” to 12.5” fish.  

Orkney Shore Anglers

A local group of shore anglers who arrange competitions two or three times a month. They are the local knowledge for all the best local fishing spots, and are more than happy to offer fishing advice to anyone interested. 
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Orkney Shore Anglers

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