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NRA FUD Decoy - Greylag

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59.00 (pack of six)

Product Description

NRA FUD Strengths

The NRA FUD (Fold Up Decoy) is a revolutionary new, highly effective, economical and convenient decoy system. We use these extensively in Orkney and achieve great results with them.

The following are those features delivered by the NRA FUD. It is the pure volume of features that many first time NRA FUD users find staggering since all of them are hunting common sense and yet only one or two are delivered by the vast majority of competitor products on the market today. It is the absence of these features in a single product that has left the market primed to embrace such a compelling alternative.

  • NRA FUDs deploy in a full range of postures to add realism and not look like decoys.
  • NRA FUD features can be seen and reacted to by game birds outside of shotgun range.
  • NRA FUDs have a 3rd party certified UV Reflective quality unprecedented in mass market commodity decoys.
  • NRA FUDs are three-dimensional decoys that cast the correct shadow and correct reflection on water. NRA FUDs are not silhouettes.
  • NRA FUDs can be set up completely clear of all common decoy alarm signals that are found in decoy spreads of old fashion products.
  • NRA FUDs self-right immediately if tipped over by waves, dogs, or incoming birds.
  • NRA FUDs are guaranteed unsinkable.
  • NRA FUDs can handle ice, sunlight, and the elements without cracking.
  • NRA FUDs can be hammered into ice or frozen ground as sentry, standing or feeding birds.
  • NRA FUDs allow hunters to walk-in with their decoys "on-body" and "hands-free" in just one trip with everything ready to start hunting anywhere. They are the most mobile decoy of all.
  • NRA FUDs present true to life images and tones of the target species.
  • NRA FUDs are impervious to fuel.
  • NRA FUD decoys are true magnums instead of life-sized or price driven midgets.
  • NRA FUDs are lightweight, easy to transport, and easily stored away.
  • NRA FUD waterfowl decoys store the rigging inside the decoy where it cannot tangle.
  • NRA FUDs use the wind to move on water more than any other decoy.
  • NRA FUD decoys can be shot at will. They can handle stray pellets and will survive.
  • NRA FUDs will never point straight into the wind like a convoy emulating frightened birds about to take-off.
  • NRA FUDs can be set-up near the edge of marshes and in shallow water.
  • The one rig of decoys can now be used in water, on ice, and then on dry land. Multiple rigs of location specific decoys locking a hunter into a location are now a thing of the past.
  • Hunters can pack-up and relocate decoys quickly if off the flight paths or crowded out by other hunters.
  • NRA FUDs carry on-product deployment and usage instructions.
  • NRA FUDs will last year after year, they are fade resistant, their image does not flake off, and they will not require an annual paint job or touch up.
  • NRA FUDs are ready to use out of the box with no extra parts and no assembly prior to use, or disassembly after use.

Plastic blow molded decoys, silhouettes, shells and full-body decoys all have certain field advantages, but they also have their disadvantages. None can be called a true all-round performing decoy like the NRA FUD.

Orkney Islands Goose Shooting is a business operated and managed by our own Raymond Shearer, taking parties of up to six members out to shooting locations all over Orkney for a high quality Wildfowling experience. Visit his website for more information:

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