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Tikka T3 Lite .223

Stock Calibre Price in £
Synthetic .223 799.00

Product Description

Manufactured in Finland, the Tikka T3 series is a less expensive alternative to the Sako range by the same manufacturer. These are still very rugged, accurate and reliable rifles and a firm favourite with stalkers, farmers and pest controllers. TIKKA T3 LITE is based on a two locking lug T3 action. Its bolt features springloaded plunger ejector and it can be easily stripped down for maintenance. The bolt is made of stainless steel.

The single-column detachable clip MAGAZINE holds 3-4 cartridges (4 in .223). A higher capacity single-column 4-6-shot (depending on caliber) magazine is available as accessory (not in Short Mag calibres).

The single-stage trigger pull is adjustable from 1 kg to 2 kg (2 to 4 lbs). Safety is two stage type and locks the trigger and the bolt handle when engaged. All models can be ordered with a single-set trigger as option.

The stock is made of glass-fiber reinforced copolymer polypropylene and has a buttplate system where the length of pull is adjustable by means of spacers. The straight stock features ambidextrous palm swell.

The TIKKA T3 LITE is normally supplied without open sights which are available to special order. The receiver has scope mounting rails and is also tapped to receive standard (Weaver) scope mount bases.

The free-floating BARREL is cold hammer-forged. Non Magnum models available also with short barrel with thread (calibers 338 Federal, 8x57IS and 9.3x62 M15x1, other calibers M14x1) at the muzzle for muzzle brake or suppressor.

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