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Greys GS

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Take a look through any fishing catalogue or tackle shop rod rack, and you will find a multitude of 'entry level price point' rods - so why should you select a GS from this huge offering? Here at Greys, we don't simply buy a rod 'off the shelf' and change the name and logo - even on our entry level range we design and develop everything from scratch, here in Alnwick. From the 4 piece blank - built to our specification, to the shape of the handle, we design the lot. The rod actions are tested and 'tweeked' until our developers are 100% happy with them, then the blanks are tested to destruction on our test rig. Each model then undergoes extensive testing 'on the water' with our consultants across the globe. Only after we are happy with the results of all of this development and testing do we offer the rods to you the customer. Read the specification, take a look at the finish, and feel the action of the 4 piece blanks, and you will realise that the only thing 'entry level' about a GS rod is it's price.

  • Saltwater Anodized Reel Seat
  • Supplied with Cloth Bag
  • Single Line Ratings
If you are a trout fisherman – resident or visitor – you will benefit from joining the Orkney Trout Fishing Association. The Association works to improve fishing in the county through better access and facilities, conducting research into natural trout stocks and the active stocking of lochs from its own hatchery. It offers training if fly-tying and fishing. You will also be eligible to participate in OTFA competitions. You can find out more about OTFA here:


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