William Shearer

Pet Department

Pet Department

We offer a wide range of animal care products, from wild bird seed, to hypoallergenic dog and cat foods, spanning a wide range of brands. We source our products from all over the UK from a variety of different suppliers, ensuring a varied range, as well as the most competitive prices for nothing but the best in pet food, particularly for household and working dogs.


Dog Food

We keep in good contact with local dog trainers, as well as keep up-to-date with the latest in newsletters from our suppliers to ensure that we offer only the best when it comes to dog food. Skinners offers an excellent range to suit any working dog, as well as mixes to help stabilise their diet. Arden Grange also offers a wide variety of different hypoallergenic mixes to suit dogs with a wide range of allergies.


Cat Food

 We stock a wide variety of wet and dry cat foods from brands such as Gourmet, Whiskas, Felix and Arden Grange. We also offer bulk buy discounts on selected items of our wet food. Please ask in store for more information.


Horse Food

We keep a supply of horse food for numerous customers all over Orkney, we even ship to the northern isles on a regular basis. We can supply a wide array of different feeds for all your needs. Bought to order, or check in store for any emergency feeds you may require. 


Bird Care 

We stock bird food and care products ranging from pigeons and budgies, to parrots and chickens. We have a selection of different poultry feeds for every stage of development, and we stock Bamfords Top Flight's range of excellent pigeon mixes, as well as various conditioners and stimulants. If we don't have what you need, do not hesitate to ask a member of staff, as we may be able to get it in stock within the week.


Wild Bird Care

 We stock the best range of wild bird care products in Orkney, stocking every wild bird seed mix from Bamfords, as well as their suet range, feeders, bird houses and much more. Available in any amount you require from our self-serve dispensers, or in 12.5kg - 25kg bags.

Top Flight Nature Diet Skinners Arden Grange

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William Shearer

  • Established 1857
  • Agricultural seeds and general merchant.
  • Registered firearms dealer and fishing tackle

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