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Sirocco Rimfire Sound Moderator (.17 and .22RF)

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Regarded as one of the very best on the market. Consistently ranked as the best performing and best value moderator going. Available for both 16” and longer barrelled .17HMR rifles. The 16” version has three stainless steel baffles to resist the blast from the shorter barrel. The SM11 also benefits from being very easy to clean with no specialist tools required. The moderator comes with standard 1/2” UNF thread, proofed or un-proofed. The Sirocco SM11 is the ultimate tool in any shooter’s armoury. Make sure you’re not without it.


Orkney Islands Goose Shooting is a business operated and managed by our own Raymond Shearer, taking parties of up to six members out to shooting locations all over Orkney for a high quality Wildfowling experience. Visit his website for more information:

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William Shearer

  • Established 1857
  • Agricultural seeds and general merchant.
  • Registered firearms dealer and fishing tackle